How to decorate your home with a Tapestry

Where to hang a Tapestry?

A Wall Tapestry can light up a room, capture the attention of the observer and create a wonderful vibe. There are very few other decorating ideas that can offer the same effect tapestries create. Tapestries have been used for thousands of years and is still extremely popular to this day. If a Medieval King thinks a tapestry is great for his throne room, then you know that they look fantastic. There are so many different tapestries to choose from - hippy, trippy, animal, nature, space and more. If you want an old style historic tapestry for a truly authentic style then there is that option.

There are lots of different ways to decorate your home with a Tapestry.

Above a Fireplace

Fireplaces are great spots to place a wall hanging. It is a warm social space great for family and guests to gather and spend time with each other. A tapestry projects warmth which will make the room a more cosy and fun space to spend time in. The atmosphere created by a crackling fire and a beautiful tapestry will be second to none. Old style stonework or brick walls will also enhance the luxurious look of a tapestry accompanying a fire.

Quiet Spaces

Now and again I like to spend time on my own. Time to relax, gather my thoughts and spend a little quiet time. A quiet place should be your own space where you can truly relax and be happy. Therefore I find a peaceful tapestry helps to create a wonderful calm setting. Nature Tapestries are the best for this.

Bedroom or Dining Room

These are the most common spaces for hanging tapestries. You have to feel comfortable, content and happy in your home. Picking the right tapestry for your bedroom can help create a setting to boost your good night's sleep. Dining Rooms are social areas for hosting dinner parties, meals, events and nights with friends/ families. Too many people settle for a boring plain room with no decoration and that just creates a cold boring feel. A tapestry creates a wonderful ambience and brings warmth into the room. Any guest will be captivated  by the beautiful tapestry masterpiece that decorates your wall.

Different ways to hang a tapestry

Maybe you are wondering - How do I hang a tapestry?

If you want to bring a bit more excitement into your room, or brighten up a boring blank wall, then I would definitely recommend a tapestry. You don't have to go crazy with tapestries and make you home look like an emperors palace (even though that would be epic). Even one tapestry will make all the difference, adding color, and character. As I mentioned above, you can literally hang a tapestry anywhere - even in the restroom. To hang your tapestry there are a few options and it is entirely up to you how you want to do it. If you are renting an apartment and you don't want to leave pin holes in the walls then please read on.

Here are some great ideas on hanging a tapestry

Using Pins or Nails 

This is the easiest and most popular way to hang a wall hanging. It is easy, cheap and works with any size of tapestry. If you have a large tapestry then I would recommend this method because of  the added weight. For larger weaves you should use multiple pins spread right across the top of the tapestry. This will evenly distribute the weight. You don't want pins falling on top of you! With pins you can go for a straight look, a loose casual drape, hang by the corners. You can hang on the ceiling, walls and doors.

The only downside to this method is that it will leave tiny holes in the drape and walls.

Tapestry Clamps

Tapestry clamps are a great way to avoid putting the tiny holes in your tapestry. Driving nails through a tapestry will leave tiny holes that could enlargen over time from the weight of your hanging artwork. To solve this problem you can fasten quilt clamps to the walls. They are fairly cheap, usually starting at about 15-20 dollars. They can come in various designs and colors to accompany your chosen wall hanging. The tapestry clamps are fastened securely onto the wall so there is little chance of your tapestry falling down once in place.

Using Velcro to Secure

If you are studying at university, college, or renting a property then this could be the technique for you. This way will avoid any holes in the walls, allowing you to get your security deposit back. Its another affordable option which is why a lot of people are using this method for hanging their tapestries. It also means that the tapestries are easy to take down in case you need to wash them or you want to change it for another design. Using self adhesive Velcro tape is a great method for any type of wall. You can use it on straight walls, curved walls, ceilings or doorways.

Quilt Rod and Sleeve 

If you are using good quality heavy fabric tapestries then this is the best method. Heavy tapestries put a lot of strain on pins, screws, Velcro and frames so you want something that will be strong. A rod and sleeve spreads out the weight evenly over the top of the tapestry which avoids stress on the fabric. When the weight is distributed equally it creates a sleek professional look, like something you would find in an art museum. When sewing a sleeve to the tapestry then I would recommend getting a professional for this. You could go to an arts and crafts store or seek out a seamstress for advice. Once the sleeve is sewed you simply insert the rod through the sleeve which hangs on the wall. A rod and sleeve can come in various different sizes and the costs start at around $20.

Framing a Tapestry

Framed pictures kind of defeat the purpose of a tapestry, but this is a popular method so I thought I had better tell you about it. You can go to any frame shop and they frame the tapestry for you. The cool thing about this method is that you can pick out a nice fancy frame that will create a nice eye catching display. You can choose to have the tapestry behind glass or just have the frame without the glass, it is entirely up to you. That's the wonderful thing about tapestries; there really are limitless ideas for you to try.

Creating a Canopy

This is one of my favourite things to do with tapestries and have done this in my bedroom. It creates a lovely warm, romantic feel to the room which I love. Hanging a textile from the ceiling, draping multiple tapestries forms a dreamy bed space that is exciting and unique.

Poster Hangers

Most people think this is just for paper artwork but this can be one of the best ways to hang a tapestry. Poster hangers are cheap and you can buy one for under $20. What I love about these hangers are that they look very natural and stylish. They look like something you would find in a modern art museum; so having this in your home would create a classy, polished look.

Stretching the tapestry over a frame

This is a unique way to display a tapestry. Unless you are skilled in art or woodwork I would suggest you get an expert to do this for you. You can usually go to an art shop or picture frame store to find a specialist in this field. If you are ready for the challenge however, then first of all you need a plywood board or frame. The tapestry needs to be stretched tightly over the frame, then the ends folded behind. To attach the tapestry firmly to the frame you can use a cheap wall stapler. When it comes to hanging the frame to a wall mount, it is very easy to do. Simply use picture hangers or screws that you can buy from any DIY store.

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