How To Hang A Tapestry From The Ceiling In 3 Easy Steps

Tapestries are a wonderful way to bring life and positive energy into a room. There is something special about tapestries, something that other wall hangings just don't seem to have. The right tapestry will positively transform your living space. You need to figure out the best way to hang a tapestry - what would look best for your space.

Ceilings are a favourite amongst tapestry lovers. Converts your space into a peaceful palace; a place to relax, be calm and enjoy your own space. If you search "Tapestries" on Pinterest you are bound to find plenty of images of tapestries being hung on ceilings. They create such a stunning effect.

Now you are maybe wondering "but how do I actually hang a tapestry from the ceiling"? Well don't worry because here are 3 easy, simple steps to follow.

Step 1 – Prep

It is important to gather everything you need before attempting to put up the tapestry. This is so that you aren't rushing around in a mad panic looking for different things you need.

Here is a list of everything you will need.

  • Velcro strips or pins - depending on your preferred method
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry
  • Ladder or a tall person
  • Measuring rod/tape.
  • Stud Finder

First measure your tapestry and decide where you want to place it. You want it in a spot that won't be disturbed by movement in the room or catching on doors swinging. If you are using pins or screws to hold the tapestry in place, then first use a stud finder to mark where the strong spots are on the wall. The wooden posts behind the plaster board are strong supports, perfect for drilling and screwing into.

My favourite way to hang tapestries is by using Velcro strips. Mainly because I rent my apartment, so I can't leave screws or holes in the walls. And for someone who is not very DIY savvy, this is the perfect way for me. I start by cutting up the Velcro strips and get ready to evenly space them around the tapestry.

Step 2 – Fastenings

Gluing the Velcro is easy. Hot glue does not take a long time to dry. Simply put a small amount on the back of the Velcro and attach it to the tapestry. The other half you glue to the wall. Make sure you have marked with a pencil on the ceiling where the strips are going to go. You don't want to find out that the strips don't match up - that would definitely ruin your day. Make sure the glue has properly dried before moving onto step 3.


Step 3 – Putting up the Tapestry

This is the hard part. If you are small like me, then you really need a tall friend to help you out. Or if you are brave enough, you can use a ladder. Safety first at all times!

Simply start in the corner, joining up the Velcro strips. They are strong, so when you have put one of the strips together, the other ones are easier and it should match up perfectly. If you are using a ladder, ask someone to hold the bottom for extra support.

It will create a very natural and beautiful display, and because you can't see the Velcro - only the tapestry, then it will look even more stunning. It's another one of the many reasons why I love Velcro more than pins and screws. If you want to swap the tapestry for another, then simply take it down and put up another one. It is so easy and you have so many different options. Maybe one day you fancy a wonderful Nature Tapestry and next week you want a Bohemian theme.

Tapestries take up very little space. You can roll them up, fold them and store in a cupboard. It's not like a framed photo which will definitely take up a lot of room.

Well there you have it - 3 very simple steps for hanging a wonderful piece of artwork on your ceiling. Why not give it a go! Post in the comments your pictures - I would love to see your very own Tapestry.

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