New Psychedelic Trippy Tapestries

This is extremely exciting!

Are you looking for a trippy tapestry to style and spice up your living space? Well you are in luck because a  grand total of 6 new Trippy Tapestry designs have been added today. Trippy tapestries are becoming very popular, so we really wanted to add more styles to keep up with this trend. Since the 1960's Psychedelic and trippy art has been a growing movement, gathering more and more momentum. We are super excited about these particular tapestries and think that you will love them. Some of these tapestries are almost alien, because the imagination that has gone into creating such a wonderful masterpiece is absolutely outstanding.

Psychedelic tapestries were first introduced back in the 1960's when the Hippy fashion was taking over the world by storm. Hippy Culture was everywhere; from VW Vans & flared jeans to The Beatles & fantastic artwork. The designs were initially inspired by the psychedelic hallucinations that were experienced while taking psycho-active enhancing drugs. Although LSD & mushrooms are illegal and are not advisable to take, they did inspire some of the most wonderful pieces of creativity. Some of these trippy works of art are loved around the world. Psychedelic art is vivid, colorful and are a totally unique style.

How to use a Trippy Tapestry?

Well the options really are limitless and it is down to your imagination!

With framed pictures you are limited to where you have to place it - A strong supporting place on the wall is really about it. however with a Tapestry you can hang it on the wall, ceiling and over the windows. You could also use it as a picnic blanket or rug if you wanted to. The great thing about a tapestry is that the uses are so diverse and I think they are some of the best ways for decorating your home.

You could create your own space by hanging multiple tapestries. Perhaps a magnificent rave room? How about creating a Trippy space that stoners would be jealous of, by hanging a beautiful back light wall hanging on your wall. Backlight tapestries are extremely popular right now and we have a couple you can check out right now on our trippy page. If you have a king size bed and you would like a unique bed cover/throw then get a large tapestry to drape over it. Life is about being different and unique - standing out from the crowd, and this is a fantastic way to do just that.

Why should I choose a Trippy Tapestry?

This style of wall art certainly is not for everyone; so if you want something a bit more subtle like a Boho style, Mandalas or Animal Tapestry then head over to our range and check them out. Trippy art is unique, wild and full of raw color. Weird and fascinating designs that capture the mind and play around with it. Sometimes I find a lovely piece of psychedelic art that I can stare at for a solid 20 minutes. The longer you stare at this kind of art you realise how much detail there really is. I could stare at a piece for hours and then the next day realise that one of the flowers had a mandala design on it. This is one of the many reasons why this is such a trendy style.

Why should I choose a Tapestry over a Poster?

Posters are just terrible. They were fine for your first year dorm room, but practically, Tapestries are just so much better. Posters are made of cheap plastic - which is not durable and is bad for the environment. A wall Tapestry, made of good quality fabric will last a lifetime and won't go out of fashion. Tapestries have been around for thousands of years. So if the Egyptians and Medieval Kings thought tapestries looked stunning, then you know that these will look amazing.

Buddhist Monks use tapestries to create a space of calm and peace. A place that they can relax, meditate and connect to the world again.

How to I know if a Tapestry is good quality?

Finding the BEST designs has been the key moral for TapestrySite and we hope to continue our mission with finding high quality, popular designs. If you are looking for a quality fabric and professional artwork then you need look no further. A lot of people go to Amazon for tapestries and then end up looking elsewhere. Although Amazon is great for finding cheap deals, sometimes you need to invest a little more and buy quality. It really is worth it in the long run. There is that famous saying "you buy cheap, you buy twice" and when it comes to tapestries and other fabric wall hangings, that really is the case. You need a fabric that is durable and won't tear when you put a pin in it to hang it up.

Check out the Trippy Designs here.

If you would like to see some other designs added in the future, please email us and hopefully we can do just that! We want TapestrySite to be a growing and friendly community,


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