Bohemian Tapestries

Welcome to the Bohemian page! Bohemianism is a lifestyle which is slightly unconventional. It is all about spirituality, nature and being ethical. The Bohemian lifestyle has been around since the 1800's and started off as an anti-establishment movement. Modern day has now evolved this ideology into one of the fastest growing new religions or lifestyles in the world. It is now more about a literary, artistic, musical, healthy or spiritual pursuit.

To bring a bit of Boho into your home, a beautiful tapestry will do this better than anything else. Picking a lovely wall hanging for your room can create a bright, warm feeling. The Boho tapestries have a unique style and aura about them. They certainly stand out from the crowd with intricate patterns and designs.

Whether you are looking for a floral pattern design, Mandala or other intricate designs, there are so many different kinds to choose from. A darker Mandala Tapestry will express love and artistry, floral patterns reflect deep spirituality and passion. To place a stunning and inspiring Boho tapestry in your room will absolutely lift the room, creating an airy, positive vibe.

The artists that created these Hippie wall blankets, spent a long time perfecting each design. They wanted to create a tapestry that gave a positive vibe, reflecting the Bohemian style!

Tapestries are a fantastic alternative to the generic framed wall hangings which generally create a boring look to your room. Framed hangings are too generic, ugly and created a cold sharp feel to the room. Tapestries create a more natural and homely feeling to a room. A good quality Tapestry looks stunning on a wall and there are so many options to what you can do. You could place the tapestry in any room and on any wall. You would use it as a bed cover for a bit of boho bedding. Stand out from the crowd and use the tapestry as a floor covering or even a picnic blanket. You could even place it on the ceiling! A nice quality Mandala Tapestry would look incredible when placed in you sitting/living room. It could be a centre piece or can accompany other features in the room. when it is placed next to a beautiful plant for example, it is truly impressive. Different colours have a vital role, so you have to choose your tapestry wisely. You want colours that either accompany or contract your room. Think about the feel of your room and what atmosphere are you looking to create. If you are wanting a warm ambience then you might be looking for red, orange, pink etc. If you want a sharp, deep aura then one of the darker green Tapestries might be best for you.

If you want to compliment a tapestry you can add even more hippie items to your hippie palace. A few nice candles or authentic crystals will truly create a radiant atmosphere. Try a natural Himalayan salt Lamp.

The Bohemian style and fashion is hugely popular at the moment. People love being connected to one another, more open, being positive and that's what we all need. Look everywhere and you see people trying to be more healthy, ethical, diverse, culturally understanding and this is awesome. Yeah you get the hippies who love to travel and smoke, which is what a lot of people think Boho is all about, but Bohemianism has a far deeper meaning to it than that.

But what is a Bohemian? Maybe you are one? Maybe you want to live more of this kind of lifestyle? Sometimes you need to get away from the busy frantic and fast pace journey that our lives throw at us... we all need a bit of Bohemianism. It can be so calming and relaxing to just take a step back, look at the world differently and forget about our materialistic worries. Bohemianism is a way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, to relax and look deeper into ourselves. With so many troubles in the world right now, we all need a little more positivity. To be Bohemian, is to be a loving person; and a woven wall hanging will reflect this love that we, as human beings, all have inside us.

History of Bohemianism - It all started in the 19th century in France, when french writers were describing gypsies in novels and newspapers. They described these people as nomads and travellers. There was actually a territory in Europe called Bohemia which housed a huge population of gypsies. The term was seen as a new way to describe travelling artists that were generally poor. It wasn't long until people started to proclaim themselves 'bohemian'. People weren't ashamed to be poor; they identified themselves as free spirited, like-minded travellers. Bohemianism has been shown in different forms in the past and even in the modern day. There are famous artists writers, musicians who pride themselves of being culturally Bohemian. A lot of people admire these public role models and start to follow their traits and way of life. This is perhaps why the Boho hippy lifestyle is now so incredibly popular and is still on the rise today.