Trippy Tapestries

The trippy style is such a unique type of tapestry; drawing your gaze, and really playing with you mind. These tapestries are full of vivid colours and patterns designed in such a way that will confuse your mind. This form of art uses so many different colours that contrast, and also harmonise at the same time. This creates an unusual design that never ceases to amaze.

The trippy genre is a fairly new form of art. It was first 'discovered' in the 60's when people took certain psychedelic drugs such as LSD or mushrooms. These narcotics created incredible hallucinations. The hallucinatory effect created an amazing display of lights, colours and shapes which had never been seen before. This powerful optical illusion was then recreated in an art form, which is what is now displayed on wall tapestries. Trippy is a new word which generally means freaky, wonderful, groovy and cool. The term psychedelia describes a genre of psychedelic artwork or even music, which echoes or mirrors a state of transformation. The altered consciousness attracts so many people to psychedelic art. To view life on a different spectrum creates an almost alien landscape which evokes such an astonishing experience. The trippy experience can create a happy, warm fuzzy feeling inside. Stress can just melt away and the rush of relaxation can take over.

Trippy experiences take you away from this world and transport you to a fantasy land full of wonderful colours. Visually, a trippy tapestry will certainly create an optical animation for you to enjoy. If you want a wall blanket that displays a full range of the colour spectrum, then this is the page for you. Perhaps you need a surreal animation, bright colours, or even a visually distorted picture. Trippiness is more than just a cool word! It is deep and soul-revealing; transporting you away from this materialistic world. It will carry you away to a happy place where you can relax and maybe better understand the basic essence of life itself. A trippy journey takes you to the part of the mind that was previously unknown. Everyone is unique and has their own creative genius, but sometimes it is hard to unlock this. To gain some confidence and find your inner creativity, the trippy ambience will help to unravel the invisible barriers. It will give you some deep, meaningful inspiration.

A great place to set up a trippy wall hanging would be on a large wall in the bedroom. If you are a deep dreamer then these almost metaphysical tapestries could be absolutely perfect. Have you ever thought about something so much that you ended up dreaming about it? Trippy art is a journey through the mind and soul which is so captivating that you forget about everything else. Your consciousness will end up focusing purely on the psychic adventure. Looking at your tapestry before sleeping, could open up your imagination and your dreams could become more vivid and seem more real.

Modern art has often taken a trippy twist and is becoming more popular year on year. Works of art selling for thousands of dollars have captured the attention of collectors and art enthusiasts. They are fascinated by the spiritually captivating patterns and colours. It's a new experience, something that exclusive and speaks to us on a spiritual/ ethereal level. Famous psychedelic artists such as Android Jones have created some serious masterpieces, and make a living from this marvellous style.

If you want to spice up your trippy experience and go that extra step, there are so many things you can do. Some nice fairy lights in your room would create an alluring ambience. A lava lamp or himalayan salt lamp will surely establish a magnificent aura. If you are going to a festival and want to express your inner hippy then these tapestries are brilliant. They express someone who likes to party someone who is a bubbly, creative and exciting to be around. Turn the tapestry into a flag to make yourself stand out from the crowd and you might even spot yourself on the television!

Spiritually the trippy tapestries are next level. However, if you are after a more subtle form of divine art then you might prefer the Bohemian Tapestries.